Surprise Rise!

Tralaaaah! I shouldn’t have been so impatient (‘twaDSCN0198.JPGs always thus). It’s less risen than the bread I usually make, using dried instant yeast, and the crust is thinner. The crumb is moister. The flavour is intriguing – a slightly sour tang to it, behind a savoury freshness. I imagine that as I practice, it might get better still; but even if it stays the same it’ll definitely be worth making regularly. So the starter has been replenished and next weekend I’ll be at it again. Very pleased with this result. Thank you again, Jim.


3 thoughts on “Surprise Rise!

  1. Mmmmm…..sounds very tempting. Will there be some on the go when we come to visit? With real butter? Aaaaahh. Xx

    1. The Troubadour here, it’s fab, Marian… if I eat it all , I’ll persuade Helen to make some more especially for you and Gavin ..with real butter, of course, xx

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