Cheese and … Jelly ???

gooseberries clamshell 1.jpgI know this sounds odd, at least to a local audience. But bear with me. Brie and Cranberry has become a standard sandwich offering on Scottish menus, hasn’t it? I don’t actually like it very much – too sweet. And there are all those fruit ‘cheeses’ you can make instead of jelly or chutney – like the famous Spanish membrillo. Last year I made something called Apple Butter, and it was good, but very rich and I didn’t know how to use it up.

P1030244.JPGSo this year I’ve made normal gooseberry jelly, sharply sweet and quite delicious. And it so happens that I’ve got a Connage Clava Highland Brie in the fridge, opened yesterday and won’t last beyond today because it’s so GOOD. Bries outside France are a bit of a mixed bunch in my experience – but this one is light and freshly acidic with a creamy texture.

I put the cheese and jelly together in my sandwich last night – and it was completely delicious. That’s all I’m saying. No strings of adjectives. Try it; use whatever sharpish, not-too-sweet jelly you have. Or make your own gooseberry, it’s very easy (boil the fruit in a little water; strain it out; measure and allow 1lb sugar for every pint of juice; boil together for about 20 mins, till setting point reached (115 degrees); pot into sterilised jars and seal). It’s great to see Scottish cheesemakers persevering despite a harsh regulatory climate, and producing such gems. Power to your elbows, all of you.



4 thoughts on “Cheese and … Jelly ???

  1. I normally don’t care for cheese with fruit, though I know it’s a thing. I did have a friend bring an appetizer to a party that was a log of organic goat cheese with a pineapple compote and that was pretty good. So I may have to rethink my prejudices. Lovely post!

    1. Goat cheese and pineapple? That’s an interesting one! Over here, it’s not so much fruit with cheese that’s unusual, but jelly. My brain was thinking ‘peanut butter and jelly’ which I understand to be absolutely typical daily fare in America, but virtually unknown here. So cheese and jelly also a bit odd. But hey – we’re on a journey, aren’t we?!

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