Thinking about Hospitality

I’ve been wanting to say something about the US election results, but am aware that many readers are American and this is their experience, and glib comments from a mere foreigner might not be helpful. However one of the bloggers I follow, ‘Recipe in a Bottle’, has said it all and I asked her permission to reblog. Here it is:

Recipe in a Bottle


In the wake of the Presidential election, I’m even more thoughtful about community building and neighborliness than before. It’s easy to assume the country is close and united when we have two moderate candidates in the running, but throughout this election cycle, I’ve been stunned by the differences in mindsets among the candidates, and by the closeness of the races: the country is divided.

I know that there are some disagreements that getting to know each other cannot solve. I know that being political is not a good way to run a food blog or host a dinner party or any of the things I claim. But I do think that talking to each other, knowing people whose experiences are different from our own, seems to be one of the only chances for getting out of this mess. Half of America is a stranger to the other half; they need…

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