Perth Fruit Festival

Went with the Troubadour to the above on Saturday morning and were entertained by the Singing Kiwis … very talented  (Kee)wee band with a song for every fruit you could think of … 2016-10-10-14-40-43

Our old buddies Cairn O’Mhor were there with their stall, and in honour of the season I purchased a bottle of their dryer cider. There was also a stall featuring ‘fruit leathers’, something I’d read about but never seen. A batch of samples was on offer, and the apple leather was red and, yes, leathery looking! Just like my shoes in fact. What you have to do is boil up the pulp and skins, spread the mush thinly on greaseproof paper, and dry it slowly (over a couple of days at 35 degrees C). Then you can cut it up into little squares, peel it off the backing paper, and chew it as a healthy snack. I must say it was delicious, sweet and surprise surprise, appley! And then to our delight we discovered it had been made by Alison of the Newburgh Orchard Group – she who grew my recent Pink Fir Apple potatoes. Small world.2016-10-08-12-42-07

Apple conservation is very much in the news. Radio 4’s Food Programme on Sunday explored the world of apple growing, and how apples make themselves at home wherever they grow in the world. The focus of that programme was English apples but at Perth we had a tableful of just some of the many varieties grown in Scotland. We were reminded that if we don’t enjoy, try, share the many varieties available, we’ll lose them because it won’t be worth growing them. How do you choose your apples? I have to confess I don’t look first at the variety but at the country of origin, the way it looks, and the price. But I’m going to be a bit more adventurous in future.

Moving on from apples – I also bought some pears and have made a Chocolate and Pear Cake this morning, to take to friends tonight. The original recipe came from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s ‘Fruit’ book, but I amended it in various ways … will give further feedback in next post, no point going on about it if my experiments didn’t work! But I have high hopes. The cake is in honour of my friend who was buried this morning. Among her many other magnificent attributes, she was a cake lover …