Coming soon … Scottish Film Night!

Every year at the meeting closest to St Andrews Day (30th Nov), our book group abandons the written word and watches a Scottish film. We’ve had The 39 Steps (Robert Powell version), The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (the Maggie Smith version), That Sinking Feeling, and this year it’s Sunshine on Leith. Utterly corny but lovely, featuring the great Proclaimers. When I saw it in the cinema I was sure I was going to see someone I knew on the big screen because the Edinburgh scenes were so familiar.

Naturally we have seasonal refreshments including the single malt, the shortie, and the Black Bun. If you’ve never sat down with friends in front of a good local film, and partaken of this particular repast, then you really must. It’s a winning combination. This year, I volunteered to make the Black Bun.IMG_8262

I’m not a Black Bun Virgin – maybe seven years ago I had a go and made one to take to Krakow for New Year. I remember then expecting it to fail because how on earth, I thought, could you get the rich fruit cake inside to cook without burning the pastry? Anyway it must have been Virgins’ Luck because it turned out beautifully. Tonight’s – well – maybe my luck has run out. This is it ready for the oven – hearts are definitely not the traditional decoration for anything Scottish – are Scotsmen romantic? Some more than others I guess. But I’d just bought a set of little heart cutters and thought why not? Ae fond kiss and all that.

it came out of the oven 10 minutes ago. This is its North aspect …







And this is its South …IMG_8265

Oh well I suppose it’ll taste good on the night. And the lights will be out. And the malt will make all the difference …



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