If food be the music of love …

Or the love of music … Or music the love of food? No I don’t think so. Two weeks ago I was at two brilliant concerts, and because my mind works the way it does, I found myself pondering how either of these would translate into feasts with friends.

IMG_8253On Friday night at the Steeple in Newburgh we were treated to a marvellous spread of local talent (some of which pictured right) followed by a gorgeous hour of ‘Floozie Sue’, a jazzy sort of trio who apparently only get together once a year. What good thing I must have done to be present at their annual flowering I really don’t know, but I’m so glad I was. They were made up of Glaswegian-turned-Edinburger Steve Somebody (sorry! sorry! I didn’t take notes! I was enjoying myself too much!) as raconteur, guitar and singer; Hugh Somebody with a wonderful tickle and strum on the drums, and Dave Ford swooning alongside on numerous instruments including his current favourite double bass. Floozie Sue don’t appear to have a website – when I looked it up, I got ‘Floozie Sue: Quarter Horse’ – something to do with horseracing and betting I believe. Must try and find out why the band called themselves this.

Then on Saturday night I went with friends to Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh to hear The Sixteen on their 2015 choral pilgrimage, ‘Flight of Angels’. Their programme was made up of music by Francisco Guerrero (1528-99) and Alonso Lobo (1555-1617) – both Spanish. To my untutored ear there wasn’t anything especially Spanish-sounding about the pieces – they reminded me of the wonderful Byrd (English) and Palestrina (Italian). They were sublime. Close harmonies and no instrumental accompaniment, wonderful stirring stuff.

For the food analogy I reckon The Sixteen wouldn’t be tapas or sherry, for the above reason – but maybe asparagus mousse in filo pastry, with a sharp little seam of anchovy or horseradish running through. Orange curd.

IMG_8257Floozie Sue though? Something low and dirty, but pure at the same time. A wild boar roasted in a pit with a sticky bourbon glaze. Fresh figs split and oozing. Featherlight breadsticks. A dark chocolate Tunnock’s teacake …

3 thoughts on “If food be the music of love …

  1. Tunnels do “dark” chocolate tea cakes?! And no-one told me??
    Sorry Helen, I do feel bad thinking of the food info first and the substance of your post second. Naughty me. I really did enjoy your words on the wonderful music. Will aim to get my priorities right in future…….

    1. Tunnocks teacakes IS the substance of the report! Well at least it could be … and as you can see I have a photo of the Tunnocks teacake and none of the Sixteen or Floozy Sue!

    2. Autocorrect is a pain, almost as bad as not checking a post before submitting it! Sorry, but imagine not having “Tunnocks ” in its lexicon!

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