Sardines and sunshine

Here’s a useful bit of info I heard the other day from Professor Mary Marshall, speaking at a Faith in Older People event, relating to Vitamin D. This is the Vitamin that helps us absorb calcium into our bodies; so for all of us as we age, with thinning bones a likelihood, Vitamin D is pretty essential.

Ten minutes outside every day, with your arms and legs exposed to the sun, between the months of April and October,  gives you as much Vitamin D as you would get if you ate (daily)IMG_8023

  • 1.5 kg liver or beef
  • 39 sardines
  • 19 egg yolks
  • 170g salmon

‘Every day … exposed to the sun’ isn’t so easy in these northern climes, but last week’s gorgeous Indian Summer might not be over … living hopefully … so get out there! Roll up your sleeves and your trouser legs! And as you frolic along the beach, just be glad you don’t need to eat 1.5kg of liver to get the same effect. For those days when the sun don’t shine … take supplements! Above is a picture of Jack the Ratter on the beach at Tentsmuir, wallowing in his daily dose.