Burnt Offerings

Recently I had a go at making Cherry Clafoutis. My friend John and I had a long debate about whether it was worth buying Kirsch, as specified in the recipe, or just to use the Kirschwasser that was left over from a fondue. And then the recipe also specified Morello cherries – not just any old cherries. But we couldn’t find Morello Cherries anywhere. Eventually we went with the Kirschwasser and fresh cherries, leaving the stones in to prove it was fresh, and so that we could all play the old game with the cherry stones – to figure out whom you will marry. The answer – count the cherry stones: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Rich man, Poor man, Beggar man, Thief. Yes I know, it wasn’t an aspirational childhood for girls back then.

Anyway the only reason I’m writing about this just now is that Massiclafoutis - burnt offeringsve Blogger David Lebowitz has just posted about making Cherry Clafoutis – imagine! I’m driven by the same impulses as the great David Lebowitz! The only difference is that his turned out beautifully and mine, er, well, it turned out … burnt. Great recipe, very easy, it even tasted good under its carbon coating – but next time I’ll use a bigger tin.

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