Nose to Tail

This is me just leaving the party last week – interfering with the chef‘s oxtail! It was a rare moment.

I haven’t cooked oxtail very often – maybe only onFullSizeRenderce or twice in my life. It’s delicious but you need to be willing to get in there with your hands and sook the bones. In that fancy West End apartment, in new company, with the cameras rolling? I didn’t have it in me. So I’ll need to make it myself some day soon, and invite all my loved ones so we can sit and sook together.

This weekend though the big cooking effort will be Hungarian Goulash and Linzertorte, for our Big Dinner challenge. Somehow this Austro-Hungarian theme has crept in. I might burst into song in the middle of the event (‘The hills are alive!’) or persuade someone to do a bit of yodelling. It’ll be fine fare for a winter’s night and hopefully send another few shillings into the fund that will get African amputees up and walking.