The flavour of disingenuity

I have something to say about the tax evasion/avoidance debate that has been clogging the airwaves recently. Lord Fink says he does ‘vanilla tax avoidance’ – the sort of thing that ‘everybody’ does. Avoidance I believe is legal and evasion illegal. Good to know.

But what I object to is his use of the term ‘vanilla’ to describe something as bland and unremarkable. Vanilla bland? It’s downright punchy! One long black pod will flavour your whole jar of sugar and you can top it up for a year without losing any of its heady aroma. Tax avoidance of that flavour would surely get you noticed by the authorities …

Here, incidentally, is the photo I couldn’t get uploaded last time – my elegant offerings …well maybe in retrospect they look like a bundle of bones. That’s not a bad thing is it? I like the story of the valley of the dry bones P1010982– new life and all that. Maybe I should make another batch of breadsticks for Easter – reclaim it from the chocolate bunnies. Or better still, have the dry bones as well as the chocolate bunnies. You can tell it’s getting late, time I went to bed and stopped rambling. However watch this space for Lenten and Easter culinaria.