Pretentious? Moi?

I’ve just had a change of computer equipment and somehow it isn’t reading my photos. And somehow without a photo I’m finding I can’t write. But this is ridiculous so I’m going to try and paint you a word-picture, and tomorrow I’m going to try and get someone to help me figure out the photo problem.

So, picture it, there we were on Saturday night – Tom, Hilda, Dave and me – round my kitchen table. Jolly as you like. And I had made breadsticks, from James Morton’s great book on bread-making. And I thought they looked enchanting. So I tied them up in a luscious black ribbon from a Jo Malone purchase made in more prosperous times … and presented them to the assembled company. Clearly, they all thought I’d lost it.  Me who likes things rustic and real. But there you go, we all have our little vanities. We ate them with a hummus variation, and tzatziki, and olives. All very peasant-worthy, apart from the Jo Malone ribbon. Hey. Get used to it. And tomorrow, all being well, I’ll be able to show the photo, and I bet if it was you who made them, you’d tie them up in a ribbon too!