Caked Out

Ah! Epiphany! Find a star and follow it!

Am sitting in the pre-daylight pearly bubble, at the PC, trying to catch up with lots of little jobs that should have been done sometime during the past fortnight when I was off work.  Off to Edinburgh shortly, to catch up with colleagues and friends, and get started again. Doing okay except in one respect: I said I’d make a cake for us to welcome the new year, and you know what? I couldn’t face it last night. I’m all caked out, and what I want to eat today is not more flippin’ cake thank you! Raw carrot and beansprouts seem more attractive, and that’s saying something.

Yesterday I visited friend Rose with broken arm, and took a quiche. Rose, poor soul, is not in a position to be critical but I doubt if Paul and Mary would have been impressed. Mega Soggy Bottom. Dreadful pastry. So, for a week or two at least, cake is not the star I’ll be following. Back to bread perhaps. I had a second go at bread rolls last weekend and they P1010875were a major improvement on my previous batch – you can compare the photos (previous post – Bread of Heaven) and see for yourself. I think this is partly because my kneading has improved and the dough rose better, and partly because I divided them up more evenly. The crumb was quite dense, but in a good way – not one of those full-of-nothing-but-air jobs.

However, back to Epiphany. Not necessarily the mythic journey of kings, or wise men, or astrologers, or whatever, following a literal star through the desert. But a bit of inspiration to reflect on the people and things that are important to you, and joy in finding them. Happy New Year, everybody, and wishing you unfailing hope for your travels.