Baby, it’s cold outside …

This week I am feeling celebratory (cue fireworks – Forth Bridge P1010648at recent 50 year celebrations of her sister Road Bridge – my pic is pretty but follow the link for a video of the BBC’s coverage of the event) -because I’ve finished a long, turgid, unedifying but necessary battle in court and although I don’t know yet whether I’ve lost or won – I know that in one important way, I’ve already won because it’s OVER. And also because I’ve learned all sorts of amazing things in the process. Like – it’s possible to live a good life with less than half the money you used to have. And – how to overcome your deepest fears. And – who your true friends are, and how blessed you are to have them. And – how to make bread! That, you already know about.

Here’s a nice photo of a little giftP1010754 I was given recently. Or two gifts, strictly speaking. One was a little basket of fresh garlic. The other was a few tomatoes from a friend’s vine (grown outside, harvested in October – not an easy feat in Scotland!) Both delicious. And as I sit here looking out at snow whirling down and along and up again, I’m ruminating on parsnips. Very seasonal, but I never take enough advantage of them. And then, before you know it, it’s spring! and parsnip time is over. I don’t have any photos of parsnips as yet – like I say, still ruminating – but here’s a picture of autumn veg on sale at the wonderful Catrine House, from about six weeks ago.P1010760

So this weekend is Parsnip Weekend chez moi and I am planning Curried Parsnip Soup; Parsnip Tatin with Winter Pesto; and a Christmas Spiced Parsnip cake … the latter two being new recipes to me and hopefully vibrant new additions to my repertoire. High hopes especially for the Tatin, it’s always good to increase your store of vegetarian recipes. Not that I’m trying to hold back the Christmas extravaganza … well maybe just a little. Will diligently record said parsnip adventures and post for your infotainment.