Spurtles at the ready

P1010757As you will see I have renamed my blog. I’ve been trying to think of an appropriate moniker for a while – one that encompassed my food interests – and I think I have now got it.

‘A Drawerful of Porridge’ of course refers to the well-documented Scottish rural custom of yesteryear, of making extra porridge to keep in the drawer, for cutting up and taking out to the fields with you for lunch. In solid glutinous squares. Tasty, eh? Not for the first time I give thanks that I was born in an easier age. However there’s something in this tradition that touches me. I like the frugality and efficiency of it. I like the healthiness of an era when people had to get by on so much less, compared with our current wastefulness, with obesity and malnutrition going hand in hand. (Scotland is one of the least healthy nations in Europe … don’t get me started). And I like the very Scottishness of it all. And actually, it’s such a weird idea! A drawerful of porridge … I feel it gives me full licence to continue writing random odds and sods of Scottish foodieness of a homespun variety.

The implement in the photo is of course my spurtle. It’s supposed to be better suited to stirring porridge than a normal wooden spoon. I’m not convinced about that but I like the wee thistle carved at the top so I’ll keep on using it.

4 thoughts on “Spurtles at the ready

  1. That is a very nice Spurtle and a very traditional way to make Porridge. I use my Spurtle regularly esp to make coarse oatmeal Porridge with just a pinch of salt.

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