Monthly Archives: October 2014

No accounting for taste

Marmite? Who likes Marmite? I’d only tasted it once in my life and found it pheeeuchy if you know what I mean. P1010656

But tastes change and I’ve been looking for things to cook and eat that move towards the savoury and away from the sweet, and anyway ‘Cheese and Marmite Scones’ seemed like a good idea. This photo shows them in the making.  I’m glad to say they were excellent and despite having cut them into such a ginormous size, they slipped down a treat. The Marmite added a salty, brewery-like tang to the cheddar and they were great with a bowl of Scots broth. Or an apple. Next time I’m going to open a bottle of Deuchar’s IPA to accompany. Inspector Rebus is a fan – did you know?

The scone recipe came from BBC’s little series that you buy in supermarkets, entitled ‘Soups and Sides’, and was very easy. If you want a copy, let me know.