Apocalypse Averted

Well my lemon and coconut cake didn’t seem to kill anybody. It was widely described as ‘moist’, but in all truth I found it a bit greasy.  And the lack of sugar may have been worthy but it wasn’t what I’d call delicious. Which seems a shame – just as I thought I was teaching my taste buds to eschew the rooth-rot stuff.

I had a very quiet birthday yesterday, occasioned by, I’m sorry to say, more of the tooth-rot. An emergency extraction, to be precise. So I had to cancel my plans and slope around the house in my pyjamas and slippers (direct link between pyjamas and toothache/brain receptors). I made a pot of egg and lemon soup – Avoglemono P1010583according to Claudia Roden – and it was absolutely fabulous and very restoring. It’s one of those things I’ve been intending to make for years. The egg and lemon mix thickens the broth – and how! I was amazed at how rich and creamy it all went, almost instantly, and with no hint of curdling. And the taste was great – sharp and fresh but very comforting. So that’s a definite new addition to my repertoire. I urge you to try it, it’s very easy. I used the instructions in my Claudia Roden Mediterranean Cookery book, but here’s a different link – it’s all the same process. (See the nice pepper mill in the picture? That’s my birthday present from my friend Grace. It has a lifetime guarantee so here’s hoping.)

I also made a coffee and walnut cake last night. I’m brushing up myP1010586 baking because I have just started a wee, part-time, occasional job cooking for four old guys in a very sheltered housing complex. I don’t know if they’ll like coffee and walnut cake – might get stuck in their teeth – but it’s all just variations on a theme. This one is going with me to  Jess’s – she, Shirley and I going for our regular-as-broken-clockwork Thursday swim. Of course we need cake afterwards and so far we all have sufficient teeth to do the job. And in case you think I’ve deserted the literary world for food food food, we’ll also be looking at the Edinburgh Fringe programme to identify a few good events. More of that later.