Monthly Archives: April 2014

A Homage to Noggin

My publisher (I know!  Exciting! More news soon) has created a visual for his new imprint, Caldron, which I loved as soon as I saw it and couldn’t figure out why. Now I have – it’s because it reminds me of Noggin the Nog. When Captain Wunderkind was but a child of four or so, he and I used to watch the Noggin videos endlessly. They had such a wonder to them and I’ve often regretted the loss of those videos which probably got chucked out along with the apparatus on which we played them.

Now however to my joy I’ve just discovered them on you-tube! at  This particular episode shows Graculus the bird flying over the mountaintops looking for a rabbit, and finding instead Ronf the miniature Scotsman, from the Hot Water Valley (that’ll be Silicon Glen I expect). Graculus takes Ronf back to see King Noggin, who listens to his sad tale of the unscrupulous Ice Dragon (nominations?) who is terrorising their valley and its peace-loving citizens. Noggin (hurrah!) immediately orders an expedition to take on the baddies and they’re off on their dog-drawn sled.  Graculus gets sad though as they journey – he is having an egg-memory of his distant past, when he was taken from his nest and given to Princess Nouka to raise. He doesn’t know anything about the nest he was laid in. What a n opener for a story! Oliver Postgate, you are my hero! I will definitely be going back on you-tube to look for the following episodes. And soon, news of my own new book…