I’ve been footering about avoiding writing the ‘About Me’ page on this blog. However Mac Logan, the crime writer who was one of the competition judges for my recent win, invited me to do a guest post on his website and I did so… here it is:

And eeek, to my horror he wanted me to give some biographical info. Well I sweated for a couple of days, unable to find a single thing to say about myself. So Mac, God bless him, did it for me. And now I’m going to cheat and put that little bit of biography in my own blog. Phew. It’s much easier writing about other people – or better still, other people who only exist inside your head.

Has anybody ever heard of the Open Episcopal Church? Well a good friend of mine has just made a bit of a commitment in that direction and I’m looking forward to finding out more. It’s a bit of a ‘church without walls’, which has to be a good thing, because those walls are so expensive, and they keep people out. Here’s what they say about themselves: ‘The Open Episcopal Church presents a viable alternative to the growing tide of fundamentalism by offering evangelical outreach to all, regardless of race, colour, creed, sexuality.’ Liberal, radical and mystical? That’s what I’m looking for so let’s see if this is it.

Anyway – watch this space. Seasonal subjects coming soon -like – HURRAH! – tomorrow is the shortest day and soon the daylight hours will stretch out again beyond 3.30pm. Onwards and upwards.

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  1. it’s really hard writing about yourself !. I had to write a “one page profile” about myself this week at work under the following headings,
    Things people like and admire about me…
    What is important to me
    How to support me at work

    Made me think about me especially as that’s the kind of personal information we are always asking the people we support about. ,, anyway time to read a good book and spending time with friends are down on my important list!

    And I can’t wait for the days to get lighter too! I need light!

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