The softest hands ever

IMG_0016I had a very nice time in Glasgow on Saturday with three friends.  We had been invited by Jo Malone (not personally, but still) to partake of a hand and arm massage and a glass of champagne.  How could you resist?  So off we went.

Of the four of us I think it would be safe to say that I am the most likely to have soft hands to start with – i.e. I don’t do much of what many people would consider ‘real’ work.  Nothing too manual, with a softy lifestyle.   You know – dishwasher, as little housework as I can get away with, a couple of hours at the keyboard with feet up afterwards to recover.  My mother used to come in from plucking turkeys, survey her broad, red, deeply wrinkled digits, and tell me, ‘stick in at the school, hen, and you’ll no have to work as hard as yer auld mother’.  Well I would like to say that I have indeed had to work hard all my life, but never in that hard physical sense.  It’s just my poor brain that gets wrecked.

So – perched amiably at Jo Malone’s, we each had our turn at what was a deeply enjoyable experience.  Champagne at 11.30 am is so civilised!  And the hand-made chocolates added most agreeably to the occasion.  Our masseuse was a beautiful, bright art student who seemed to really enjoy her job and we had a great chat.  My turn came last and let me say, she was  visibly startled as she took my hands in hers – here are her exact words – ‘Your hands are the softest I’ve ever come across’ !!!  Let me remind you that Jo Malone’s shop is very exclusive and I’m sure they train their staff very carefully.  So this was an expert assessment: the SOFTEST hands!  I am boasting at length because I don’t go in much for grooming and pampering.  In my sister’s company I usually feel over-opinionated and under-dressed.  But hey – the softest hands!  I’m looking forward to Jo Malone introducing a brain massage; maybe that’ll be a different story.  Until then – I’ll be pressing flesh…

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  1. Love that! Add it to your cv!! And share your secrets – mine seen to be drier than ever these days. Wish I had room for a dishwasher!

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