Sharpen your pencils and just keep writing

Well, that’s the new session at Edinburgh Writers’ Club under way.  We had a good speaker in Laura Marney from Glasgow (teaches on Glasgow University creative writing courses) and in her own words, she got us ‘juiced up’ (sounds very sexual to me but hey, that’s the difference between Glasgow and Edinburgh perhaps!) and ready to write, write, write.Laura Marney Only Strange People

Her novels have some fantastic titles: like, ‘No Wonder I Take a Drink’.  I confess I’d never heard of her before she was booked for our opening tonight so have gone on Amazon to have a look, and have purchased the Kindle version of her book ‘Only Strange People Go to Church’.  Obviously I have a vested interest!  But I’d like to say that I don’t think I’m any stranger than my non-church-going friends.  I’ll let you know what I think of the book once I’ve read it.

It’ll have to wait in a queue though as my next has to be ‘The Nineteenth Wife’ by David Eberhoff.  It’s the next title on our book group programme.  Something to do with polygamy in a fundamentalist Mormon community.   I like the way the book group brings new writers to my attention.  Anyway, even before that I have to finish ‘Narrow Dog to Carcassonne’, which I feel is beginning to drag a little.  I might speed-read…