Tammy Troot

Look what just swum into my life:  handed in tonight by my kind

Trout 001fisherman neighbour Alan.  I’m going to bake it tomorrow  morning, with some lemons, for the Harvest Thanksgiving lunch after the service.  A good result all round – it was going to bean salad.  Not that there’s anything wrong with bean salad; but you have to love a nice fresh sparkly rainbow trout, don’t you?

I’m reading ‘Narrow Dog to Carcassonne’ by Terry Darlington; but it sounds like there aren’t many trout to be found in the murky canals cruised by the Phyllis May.  Maybe further on in the book – I’ve just crossed the English Channel with them, and taken a tour round Belgium.  Soon we’ll be back in France, on the Canal des Ardennes.  It’s looking good.  Terry and Monica and their whippet Jim have taken to life in a cigar tube, and it’s just as traumatic as you would expect it to be.  Jim is a bit of a drama queen, and scrounges pork scratchings everywhere they go.  I think I could survive a barging life.  With a dog.  Not sure about surviving in such close proximity to a husband though.  Alas this isn’t a choice I have to make right now.


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