Today I heard not one but two sermons on the ‘lost sheep’ theme.  You might think one would be plenty; but this was a special day for my friend Valerie and I couldn’t miss the chance to see her in action again.  Funnily enough the first sermon was by Jim, who Valerie says taught her all she knows about preaching.

lost and found

During the second service there was a bit of audience participation in which we were invited to shout out things we had lost.  Afterwards I was in raucous company and one new friend said she’d been tempted to shout out ‘My virginity!’ but she restrained herself.  I’d thought about shouting out ‘My job!’ but again I didn’t.  Aren’t we tame?  If we’re not careful we’ll let the church become boring – perish the thought.

On the ‘Found’ side of things I had three lovely surprises today:  first, Lieutenant Wunderkind sent me a YouTube link to Maya Angelou performing ‘And still I rise’. See her at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqOqo50LSZ0  Then there was the lovely Valerie doing what she does best.  And finally, a man I’d never met before offered to lend his considerable talent and expertise to a small (I’m joking, it’s huge) legal problem I am currently experiencing.  And so, the week begins on a great note and is only going to get better…