Vinegar and Honey

I’ve succumbed to the lurgy – after a lovely day out on Saturday, with cake and coffee at Pillars of Hercules in the company of a feathered friend and a non-feathered friend.  Photo of one of them to the right; the other is a shy retiring bird who doesn’t pose for the camera.  So, by the time I got home from church on Sunday I was somewhat under

honey and vinegar 001 the weather; rallied myself for more cake and coffee with another friend (never call me unsociable) then came home and got into my jammies.  Have barely been out of them since; might manage today but no promises as yet.

So – it’s vinegar and honey and hot water for me.  I usually prefer lemons but forgot to buy them.  However cider vinegar works just fine.  And a great book to finish – ‘Ghosting’ by Jennie Erdal – a fellow Fifer no less, although I hadn’t come across her before.   She spent twenty years working for a prominent publisher and wrote two novels and a weekly  newspaper column in his name.  If I’d thought ghost-writing might be an easy way to make a living via the pen, I’d think again.  She writes with great integrity about the identity issues she faced throughout those years, and their impact on her personal life.  I was worried at one point that she was going to say her second marriage had fallen foul of her demanding boss.  But she didn’t, and I trust it hasn’t.  I’m glad to see she has now come out of his shadow, and has written her own novel which I will now look out for.  I wonder what the fallout has been for the ghostee?  Erdal wrote a vivid and relatively sympathetic picture of him; but I must say he’d have driven me to drink.

honey and vinegar 005


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  1. Hope you are feeling much better now Helen. The tea and cake sounds great. I love Pillars of Hercules cafe – there is something special about sitting outside eating yummy organic food!

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