Hello Friends… how do I look?

Galloway Oct 11 067

Yesterday I was talking to myself, today I’m talking to you!

I’ve spent a delightful few hours browsing through the possible ‘themes’ for my blogsite – ie the way it’ll look, the design and colours etc.  It’s like choosing colours from a paint chart, and I’m no good at that either – can’t picture what it might look like in real life.  Also, each theme has a name, and I find myself hugely influenced by the name rather than the look.  So, the one called ‘Adventure Journal’ was very tempting, with its crafty camel and mysterious pyramids.  And ‘Strange Little Town’ was straight from Bewitched, and would be a great foil for ‘Tales of the Auld Grey Toun’.    There was one called ‘Clean Home’ which I liked a lot, but didn’t want to be sued under the Trade Descriptions Act, should I ever be burgled.  I liked ‘Balloons’, which was nice and whimsical.  But in the end I’ve opted for something called, hey, call me a poet?  ‘Twenty Thirteen’.  I like it because it’s bright and clear at the same time, and gives plenty scope for different topics.

Would you mind please letting me know what you think, using the ‘leave a reply’ button on the blog itself?  So that I can see whether it’s all working the way it’s supposed to?  If there’s a general ‘don’t like it’, I’ll browse again and change it before going too public.  So, could you please give it points out of 10 (where 0 is ‘dreadful, don’t go there’ and 10 is ‘wow, love it, can I buy the video?’ for the following questions:

1  is it easy to read or did you need to go for your specs?

2  Do you like the colours?

3  How well do you think it represents me and my writing?

Yes I know it’s all subjective but that’s the way it works.  The photo is a thistle in Logan Botanic Gardens, way down south past Stranraer, in Oct 2011.  Thank you for being a guinea pig!  And do call again soon xx


16 thoughts on “Hello Friends… how do I look?

  1. It looks great Helen, I love the colours very vibrant looking forward to following your blog, Jo-Ann xx

  2. Hi Helen. The names ‘s great. The overall feel is very you. Wishing you well in this venture.

  3. Looks good to me Helen – only looked at it on my iphone but it all worked well. I did need my reading glasses though but sadly that’s normal for me. ! Like the warm Autumnal colours – Apt for the second half of life! Look forward to the blog!!

  4. Yes,nice colours and design-upbeat and colourful. Liked the Logan thistle too!
    Looking forward to lots of diverting tales……

  5. Yes, clear and easy to read – on phone and tablet as well as PC. For me, the theme has an uncluttered, almost minimalist, feel to it which gives the impression of being “to the point” and direct without lots of fripperies. On the desktop rendering there’s quite a lot of white space down the sides which, along with the orange in the title bar, might just give it a slightly impersonal feel. Overall I get the impression of challenge and honesty rather than comfort and safety. I’m not familiar enough yet with your writing to know whether this fits your style, but I suspect it might!

    1. Thank you Tim. I think the white sides can be filled in with stuff once I start customising it, but I haven’t yet found out how! Direct without fripperies is good; challenge and honesty rather than comfort and safety is good; impersonal probably isn’t but like I say, I think I can fill in the white space. How come you’re not familiar enough with my writing? Haven’t you read ‘Tales of the Auld Grey Toun’ yet???!!! Max makes a cameo appearance…

      1. Hi Helen, I’m resisting the numerical rating scale but you’d be in the top 25%. I think the style is very you; especially the nuggets of humour amidst the storyline. The page is clear enough to read and I like your choice of photos. I found the orange circles rather distracting cos it reminded me of some 70s wallpaper we had. What about a nice turquoise…..?!

      2. Thank you Valerie; turquoise is me a bit; but I like the warmth of the orange too. Funnily enough, lots of people have been very helpful with their comments, and not a single one has observed the rating scale! Hope you are well x

  6. Hi Helen, it all looks good to me and I loved the photos. A good start to a master work in progress!

    Pam x

  7. hi Helen,

    Sorry just getting a chance today to check out your blog. I agree with Tim that there is a lot of white space down either side when viewing the blog on PC but otherwise I like the style – it suits you. Like you say, the white spaces should fill in time with your archive and other links I should think. We’ve been doing a bit of research at work about what helps to get our posts noticed. Pictures definitely work. A good, clear and if it calls for it, quirky image will draw attention. We have found that viewing posts whether on a blog or via FB is a very visual thing for most people. Secondly, re-posting via facebook works too. You could perhaps create a page (rather than a personal profile) on FB for promoting your work there too.

    I’m very excited about having a writer friend!

    1. Thank you Elaine,
      that’s very helpful. I’m going to a Business Gateway seminar on Thurs about getting the most from WordPress so will maybe learn there how to fill in the spaces. If I get really stuck I might ask you to help! My FB knowledge and skills are next to zero… but hey! Onward and Upward!

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